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꼭 이만큼만 (Just This Much)

Artist: Casker
Album: Tender
Genre: Soft electronica/Indie
Release date: 21st October, 2010

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Rating: ★★★★★
꼭 이만큼만 or Just This Much is the newest title from Korean electronica duo Casker's album Tender. This song is quite slow and has a consistent beat, simply made up of a keyboard and a drum kit. This song has a very coffee shop-esque feel to it, which is why it sounds laid-back and soothing.

The first second of this song starts off with captured live sounds of a busy street, and then the music starts straight after at 00:02. A plain, unaffected keyboard sound starts us off, with a somewhat faint sound effect of a telephone accompanying it. A sudden pause at 00:08, leaving only the busy street sounds mentioned before, and then re-enters at 00:10 with a beat accompanying it. Vocals enter at 00:18, and they sound somewhat manipulated, or as if the vocalist was singing through a telephone. This time, hi-hats were added to the drum beat, increasing the tension and catchiness of the song. A bass sound enters at 0:34, adding depth to the music, and the vocalist's voice pulls away from the "telephone" effect. It is quite difficult to spot where the chorus starts, so I assume it starts at 0:49, as the vocals are slightly raised as well as the atmosphere. Up till now the same keyboard pattern is repeated over and over again in the background. Faint 'oooh's can be heard in the background starting at 1:06. Chorus ends at 1:18, and the atmosphere drops as the bass and drum kit stops, leaving only the keyboard sound. Again a sudden pause at 1:20, and everything re-enters at 1:22. The affected "telephone" voice can be heard again, and ends at 1:30 where the bass is added once again. Chorus re-enters at 1:45, raising the atmosphere again. Instrumental solo begins at 2:14, and this sounds somewhat a jazz style, with the same keyboard pattern in the background, drum kit, and an instrument that sounds like a trumpet/sax. Vocals re-enter suddenly at 2:33, and all instruments stop at 2:34, leaving a faint electrical hum accompanying the vocalist. A faint violin sound can be heard at 2:41, and at 2:48 the drum kit and bass and everything else re-enters, and the chorus is repeated. Everything stops at 3:02, leaving only the keyboard pattern and the faint sound effect in the background. This only lasts for a few seconds because everything re-enters at 3:05, and at 3:10 the vocals stop, leaving only the keyboard pattern, the faint sound effect and the drum kit playing. The affected sound of the vocalist enters at 3:14, and the song ends, abruptly.
I gave this song a 5 out of 5. From typing the process of the entire song out I discovered that, this song does not only have laid-back style, but it is also very interesting to listen to at the same time. There is a lot going on; lots of effects, affected sound etc., even though the music itself is very plain and simple. Sounds keep coming back, popping up randomly and suddenly stopping, which makes this song such fun to listen to. The vocalist has an amazingly smooth voice; her voice sounds simple and yet is able to bring out the emotion within this song.

Overall, if I had a coffee shop in Korea, I would play this song for sure.

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