Mika (onemillionlove) wrote in anotherballad,

Two blogs?

Hello friends!
It's been exactly a year (364 days lol) since I've posted here :( I have been spending less and less time on Livejournal, but I would still really like to continue on this k-indie community and blogging about my favorite songs and music, so I've decided to create a Tumblr for anotherballad, and work alongside Livejournal. I will try to post more often on the new blog, so please visit and follow me if you have an account!

I would still like to keep this community on Livejournal, so I will be posting here as well and I won't neglect LJ! It's just that Tumblr makes a lot of things easier for me to blog. And yes it is so that more people can discover anotherballad and more amazing Asian music as well (yes I like comments and reblogs and likes and whatnot)

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Cool. Thanks for the heads up. :)
I was wondering if people were still using Livejournal that much anymore lmao and I thought perhaps Tumblr would be a better option!