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Artist: Mad Soul Child
Album: 아저씨 (The Man From Nowhere OST)
Genre: Ballad/OST
Release date: 16th December, 2010

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Rating: ★★★★★
Dear by Mad Soul Child is the theme song from the 2010 movie 아저씨 (The Man From Nowhere). I actually came across this song on Facebook from a friend who had posted a fanmade video of this movie with it playing in the background. Mad Soul Child's vocalist Jinsil is known to be featured in Tablo's song 나쁘다 (Bad).

The song starts off with a series of broken chords and a low sound of strings accompanying Jinsil's melancholy tone as she hums softly, and as the music proceeds it also seems as if the sound of the piano and the strings in the background too are starting to sound heavy-hearted and sombre. The accompaniment pauses at 0:24 and holds on one note, dragging it slightly and creating a sudden loss of movement, adding on the heavy atmosphere of the song, and the first line of lyrics appears at 0:27 as Jinsil sings in a hushed voice, emphasizing the melancholy ambience that was created. The accompaniment continues for a large of the song as broken chords played on a piano and a dense sound of strings, but it is built up when lead to the chorus at 1:20, when percussion and a faint sound of an acoustic guitar is bought in. The emotion builds up here, but sinks down slightly as the chorus ends, though not as much as before. A sorrowful tone is still maintained, but the second verse holds a slightly different - perhaps a more uplifting flavor that before. The atmosphere dies down and starts to conclude at around 3:30, and the regular sound of the strings can be heard. The piano plays single chords instead of broken chords now, which diminishes the mood even more and signifies the end of the song, but the overall aura resembles the beginning. The accompaniment drags itself out even more, and finishes off with the strings.

Overall I give this song a 5 out of 5. I think Jinsil's voice portrayed the emotions of this song extremely appropriately, as she sings about an abrupt wave of loneliness that crashes into her due to the loss of a lover. The lyrics of this song are simple and straightforward, and it matches with the honest, sincere tone of the vocals, highlighting the sentiments that were intended. Jinsil sings with a muted voice during the verses, almost as if she was whispering her sorrows and feebly calling for help, and instead of portraying this in a desperate way, it is almost giving a sense of ceasing to continue. This song is both soothing and powerful with emotions, creating a perfect corresponding between voice, accompaniment and lyrics.

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