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Recommending this Japanese song!

真昼の秘密 (Mid-afternoon secret)

Artist: fra-foa
Album: 宙の淵 (Abyss of the Space)
Genre: Rock
Release date: 21st February, 2001

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Rating: ★★★★★
This is a rather unique Japanese rock song that I had been dying to review. I discovered it through fra-foa's last.fm page (my last.fm is onemillionlove btw; add me! C:) and this song had left a great impression ever since. 真昼の秘密 (Mid-afternoon secret) dates back to 2001, and was written by the vocalist Chisako. fra-foa disbanded in 2005.

Starting off with steady, muted strumming, the aura of this song is already set within the first few seconds. The sounds seem to drag on instead of being clean-cut and straightforward, and there is a sense of heaviness in the atmosphere of the song. Building up, the weight is let out at around 0:06 as percussion and a stronger sound of electric guitar enters. This sense of heaviness is continued until about 0:32 when the vocals enter. Muffled and soothing, Chisako's voice seems to glide through the verse, creating a peaceful yet mysterious ambience. She is accompanied by a soft, clean picking of a guitar and a distinct and stable beat, giving off a feeling of simplicity and steadiness. There is an explosion of emotions as we enter the chorus at 1:24 as the volume picks up and as Chisako sings the line I spun round and round and round. The accompaniment is strengthened, but her voice appears to sound more distant now. At 1:51 the chorus ends, and the mood of the song dies down into the same tranquil atmosphere in the first verse. The chorus re-enters at around 2:43, but this time Chisako sounds more aggravated, and there is a sense that she is yelling, raising the intensity and spirit of the emotions she is conveying. Chisako's style of singing compliments the weight that the accompaniment is creating, and this is what creates this explosion of power and emotion within the song. It all comes to an end at about 4:27 as everything seems to be dragging and blending into one, and then finally dissolving slowly.

Overall I gave this song a 5 out of 5. It is a rather unique song in terms of sounds and lyrics, and also the emotions that are trying to be conveyed. From reading the English translated version of the lyrics (x) there is a sense of self-intoxication, being trapped in one's delusion and memories, and mystery all integrated into one. Chisako's voice adjusts fittingly to the scenarios that the lyrics are initiating; soothing and gentle in the verses as she sings about a rainy garden, and passionate as she sings about how she spins round and round, diving into an ocean of her own reminiscence and emotions. There is also almost a child-like sense portrayed in the entire song with how the lyrics describe the constant spinning around and laughing, and also the sense of fascination in the environment the lyrics had created.

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